The decision that parents and guardians face each year concerning what to buy their kids in the way of shoes is influenced by several factors. Many times the need for practicality takes a precedence over choosing the most trendy shoes. Yet this problem doesn’t always have to deter kids from staying in style, or parents and guardians from saving some money in the long run.

Part of a shoe’s cost is brand association in some cases, especially when fashion dictates a choice. However, choosing quality shoes while still buying the kids the brand of shoes they really want can pay off in the end if the brand they choose is a guarantee of a well-made shoe. This is the case with Primigi shoes.

This popular Italian manufacturer of shoes has been in business for over thirty years. Their innovations in durable shoe designs and recognized sense of style has made their line of children’s shoes one of the most well-known names. Their newest advance in shoe construction incorporates a membrane made of Gore-Tex to provide the most durable and lightweight protection against the elements that will last for enough years to make choosing Primigi shoes a wise choice indeed.

This is the key factor when choosing children’s shoes, as any parent or guardian will tell you. The money spent on a quality shoe will pay for itself in the long run if the shoes will outlast the growth of the child. Primigi shoes are designed to do just that. Their experience in shoe construction is equaled only by their good sense of style, which makes Primigi shoes one of the most asked-for brand by name.

Although the Primigi name is most often associated with style, they are able to make everyday shoes that can stand up to the wear and tear that kids are likely to put their shoes through. Primigi shoes are available in athletic-style shoes for all ages of children, from infants and toddlers right up to teens and young adults. Toddlers can run free in Primigi sneakers, such as the canvas Tela Blanco for girls or the College line of high-top sneakers for boys, while staying well within any budget.

In fact, the everyday style of shoes is one of the most prominent offerings from Primigi shoes, second only to their more dressy shoes for children. Primigi seems to understand the need for a durable shoe that can be worn to school or at play that maintains the athletic design that is so very popular with kids today. They also offer a full line of sandals and open shoes that can be worn all summer. The Gaia and Chinara line of girls strap sandals and the Kielo and Shell Marrone sandals for boys are very trendy and well-made summer shoes. The loafers and colorful Mary Janes that Primigi makes provide another option in stylish, casual footwear.

The list goes on. Dress shoes in patent leather, suede boots, and high-quality leather walking shoes are yet more reasons that Primigi shoes are still one of the best choices to make for quality footwear for kids that will last for many years.